Wireless In Madrid

Finally. After 3 days of showers and low temperatures, the sun is shining and it´s warm again here in Madrid. Maybe I shouldn´t complain. It could be worse. I could be in London.

Meanwhile, the search for decent wireless Internet access continues. I discovered the other day that Starbucks has wireless access. I had been to Starbucks a couple of times before but had failed to notice the tiny sign stuck in the corner of the window informing customers that Internet access was available! It´s expensive and there´s a cap on bandwidth too. For example, 30 days unlimited access costs around 190 Euros.

There seems to be quite a few wireless hotspots around Madrid, unfortunately most of them appear to be located in hotels and airports. Not exactly convenient as I am not staying in a hotel or an airport. Saying that, I have only been here for 2 weeks so I am still finding my way around. If anybody has any suggestions, let me know.

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