Photos and Spanish TV

Well, here I am in Starbucks with my wireless Internet connection. I have uploaded some photos I have taken here in Madrid. You can view the photos here.

I used the Flickr Uploader tool to upload my photos to my Flickr account. It’s the first time I have used it and I have to say it’s pretty slick, although a bit slow. All I have to do is drag and drop my photos from iPhoto into the uploader and then hit the “Upload” button. That’s it. Nothing to it.

It’s official, Spanish TV sucks! Last night, while channel hopping, I came across a program that looked like the Eurovision song contest. Surely it can’t be that time of year again. Anyway, I checked the TV guide and to my horror it was the Eurovision song contest, only it wasn’t the final, it was the semi-final. I didn’t even know they had semi-finals. Needless to say the talent on display wasn’t very talented.

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