Today I spent the day in Segovia. It’s just over an hour by bus from Madrid and two hours by train. Spain has to be the only country I know of where it’s quicker to go by bus than train. Admittedly the buses do tend to go directly to their destination but trains are supposed to be quicker right?

For lunch I had roast suckling pig. It’s a speciality of Segovia apparently so I had to try it. I went to one of the best restaurants in town, or so I have been told, Meson de Candido. Damn it was good! I can highly recommend it. Pig never tasted so good. It’s right next to the aquaduct so it’s not too hard to find.

I have some photos of Segovia that I took but Flickr seems to be misbehaving so I’ll upload them later on in the week.

Speaking of Flickr, I have just received an email from them telling me that they are shifting their servers from Canada to the US, presumably because Yahoo bought them, and that this “will result in speediness, stableness, and happiness”. Here’s hoping. I have been using Flickr for about a month or so now and it is really sssssslow, especially when uploading photographs.

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