Coffee CupNo coffee or tea for me for the next week. The last time I tried doing this I lasted about 3 days. Why? Mostly for health reasons but I will probably save a lot of money as well. I overhead a guy in the gym the other day tell somebody how he stopped going to Starbucks because his accountant told him he had spent about £900 on coffee at Starbucks last year. Good enough reason as any I guess, although presumably if his accountant told him he must have been keeping receipts. Who the hell keeps receipts from Starbucks, that’s what I’d like to know.

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  1. dave

    I dont think a little coffee is unhealthy…if it’s costing too much make it yourself! KP has an espresso machine and makes cappuccinos during the winter and iced coffee in the Summer – everyday before work! It’s much cheaper than *bux and you can experiment with different coffee flavours

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