Strawberry Beer Forever

Last night I went to the The Porterhouse in Convent Garden. If you like beer, you’ll like The Porterhouse. Its beer menu is huge and it has all kinds of beer from all over the world with interesting names, and tastes. There’s Crocodile beer brewed in Sweden (how many crocodiles have you seen in Sweden?), kosher beer from Israel and even Palestinian beer. I am not so sure what’s so Palestinian about it though as it is brewed in Belgium, conforms to some German purity standard and is sold in the UK.

I tried a beer from Russia but I can’t remember the name. I do, however, remember not being able to pronounce the name of it. I don’t recommend it though. The Russians should stick to what they know best: vodka and communism. I also had strawberry beer from Belgium. It was actually quite nice. There were other fruit flavours too, including passionfruit, but that’s just a little too weird!

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  1. beer

    Why the beer is called “the beer”? The beer (1429) it is a Germanic name of origin which évincé barley beer word of Gallic origin with the XV° Siècle…

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