Google confirms its plans to offer free WiFi access across the whole of San Francisco.

How long before it starts deploying such networks across other major US cities? Kind of turns the ISP model of charging for Internet access on its head. Sure, there will be a market for those who want higher bandwidth but if what is on offer is good enough, why pay for more?

I think this approach will become more common in the future. We are moving towards a services based model: the basic offering is free but if you want more, whether it’s bandwidth or features, you have to pay for it.

5 thoughts on “GoogleNet

  1. carlos alzola

    I think this free web access will become like the free newspapers deliver in any major city. It will give you the basics for free but if you want specifics you will have to pay.

    I think it is a good idea, and regarding privavy issues I am pretty confident that there will be solutions for anonymous acces.

  2. Demon

    GoogleNet is a good thing, especially for San Fransico area, but not because they are getting a free highspeed network dropped in their laps… but more for the reason that If it turns the “ISP model” for delivering High Speed internet on “its head” we will be better off! I don’t know about you or what internet connection you have, my “premium” internet package that is the “top of the line” in my area is laughable and considered Slow in comparison with connections outside of the US. 9mbps download and 1mbps upload is like dialup compared to Korea’s 6Gbps up and down, that they pay roughly a quarter to half of what I pay for truly amazing speeds.

    You may settle for “slow” high speed internet, for myself and others who understand that we pay more for crappy internet connections then a large portion of the world, we are waiting for the ISPs to be turned on their head!

    Last time I checked when I pay for premium access I expect to get premium access, not something that the rest of the world laughs at especially because they pay less than I do for what they get.

  3. Tony

    How will google offering free internet turn the ISP model upside down?

    Whats a slow high-speed connection?

    Im pretty sure the world has got better things to do than laugh at you being poor because you’re overpaying for your internet service.

    “that they pay roughly a quarter to half of what I pay for truly amazing speeds.” – This sentance is silly

    I really wish you wouldnt post another article

  4. Jay

    Actually, if Google brings in a free wireless service to anywhere, that’s going to be some serious competition for the established money-sinks….errrr ISP’s in that area. You can equate it to the way M$ reacted to FOSS moving in on their territory. I mean, a lot of companies just don’t know how to compete with free (as in beer).


    STFU…. You obviously have no idea of what the world is like beyond your parents basement. The US has been consistently slipping in broadband speed for sometime, while other countries are excelling at huge rates. Most of this has to do with a lot of red tape and very little sense on what’s good for the masses.

  5. dave

    While I dont suggest this is the total answer to Demons complaint (and its over simplified) it might help him to understand a bit about how not everywhere in the world is the same….

    S. Korea: 98,190 sq KM with 48,422,644 people = 493 people / sq KM

    USA: 9,161,923 sq KM with 295,734,134 people = 32 people / sq KM

    USA population density makes it much harder to wire (or wireless) everyone up.

    Obviously this ignores the fact that people tend to be grouped in cities and a million other things


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