Little Business in Big China

Here is an interesting blog post about Skype trying to break into China. This is particularly interesting as over the last few months I have read several articles in various business magazines that have expressed similar sentiments: to do business in China you have to partner with a Chinese firm. A lot of businesses talk about China being the next big thing, if it isn’t already, and how there’s a massive opportunity to make money. Sure, but for who? At the moment it appears to be a tightly controlled market in favour of large Chinese firms. I am not saying that there isn’t money to be made in China, I just think it will be a lot more difficult than some people think.

So before you hop on the next flight to Beijing with a suitcase full of your company’s merchandise to sell (which was probably made in China), remember to read the terms and conditions first, oh, and don’t forget to find a Chinese firm to partner with.

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