Judge others by their intentions and yourself by your results

Guy Kawasaki:“Judge others by their intentions and yourself by your results. If you want to be at peace with the world, here’s what you should do. When you judge others, look at what they intended to do. When you judge yourself, look at what you’ve actually accomplished. This attitude is bound to keep you humble. By contrast, if you judge others by their accomplishments (which are usually shortfalls) and yourself by your intentions (which are usually lofty), you will be an angry, despised little man.”

This is good advice. Most people start of with good intentions but don’t necessarily accomplish everything they set out to achieve in the first place. It is humbling as Guy states to look at what you have accomplished (the past) as opposed to judging yourself by what you intend to do (the future). If your intentions are way up there in the stratosphere you are never going to achieve them and will never be happy. Be practical. Choose realistic goals and most importantly, aim to accomplish them.

Well that’s the end of my motivational sermon. You can read the whole of Guy’s article here.

Update: Here’s a good tip: take a look at your resume. Resumes are supposed to be a brief summary of what you have done so far. If you were a potential employer or The Inquisitor from Red Dwarf, would you be impressed with what you were reading?

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