Google write on the money

Google has just bought startup Upstartle the makers of Writely, the online word processing software. According to the article this puts Google in direct competition with Microsoft Office, except they now need a spreadsheet program and something for doing presentations.

If it’s a spreadsheet Google want then how about wikiCalc, an online spreadsheet created by Dan Bricklin. Bricklin was the co-author of VisiCalc, the first ever spreadsheet that appeared way back in the early 80’s, or was it the late 70’s.

And what about using Wimpypoint for creating online presentations. OK, maybe not!

I particularly like the comment at the end of the article:

Writely’s founders said on their Web site they sold to Google to broaden the user base from thousands to millions.

Yeah right! I suppose the large amount of cash on offer had nothing to do with it right?

2 thoughts on “Google write on the money

  1. Miles Barr

    I don’t know why I find this assuming given that Google hasn’t banned MS products, but Writely is built in .NET. I wonder if they’ll translate it to a more Linux friendly language, or perhaps ramp up Mono development. But I think we can definitely rule out Google rolling Windows on to all of their servers!

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