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Well I appear to have the comment spam situation under control. I installed Spam Karma 2 as Miles suggested and so far so good. I am still getting comment spams but they all appear to be getting caught. I refuse to turn comments off or to make people register as I think this discourages people from leaving comments. I quite like this idea although I am not sure how well it will work if spammers specifically target your site because it has lots of traffic, as suggested in some of the comments. Still, it may be worth a try.

Another option would be cut the spammer out at the transport level: if a machine with a blacklisted IP address tries to make a connection, just drop it. This would avoid the need to have fancy filters that try and figure out statistically whether something is spam or not.

The battle is won but the war is not over! Ding ding. Round 2.

2 thoughts on “Comment spam

  1. dan

    hey… nice app! is there any way to get it to start at a particular address without going thru the drag/zoom routine?

  2. Simon Post author

    I have just added a way of entering your address instead of having to drag/zoom around. Let me know what you think. The drag/zoom routine was a pain. May it rest in peace.

    Shouldn’t your comment be on a different post? I can’t quite see how it’s related to comment spam 🙂

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