iSync and the K800i

One of the first things I tried to do when I received my new phone was to add the contacts from my address book and put them on the phone. However, when I tried to do this iSync complained that the device wasn’t compatible and it wasn’t going to sync my address book with the phone. Sure enough, my phone wasn’t on the list of compatible devices. I could have waited until Apple released a new version of iSync that supported my phone but who knows when that could be and I certainly wasn’t going to add my contacts by hand – too many of them.

Thankfully a solution does exist: a phone plugin you can find at It costs 1.49 GBP but it works fine and now I can sync my contacts, calendar events etc so it’s well worth it.

I came across Feisar via this blog post.

4 thoughts on “iSync and the K800i

  1. Henry

    Hi there
    I use to backup my phone data. I have recently switched to K800i from K750i. It took only 5 minutes to sync all of my phone data (Phone book and calendar) to the new phone. They have got some really cool features and its absolutely free.

  2. Nev


    I’ve had the same problems and as yet I have still to find a way to send SMS or dial from address book with the k800i. Which certainly came as a unwelcome surprise!

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