Wrist problems

For the last month or so I have been having real problems with pain in my wrists and forearms. I have had days where I have had to stop typing because it has just been too painful. I have had this problem before but usually it disappears after a few days. It’s strange because I use a Kinesis keyboard. They are supposed to prevent these kind of problems (although I am currently writing this on my laptop keyboard). I am even thinking about buying a vertical keyboard!

I guess it could be because I don’t take enough breaks away from the keyboard. However, yesterday I found an application for Mac OS X that reminds you every so often to take a break from typing. It’s called AntiRSI. It runs in the background and every so often up pops a window telling you to take a break. It gives you a great excuse to go and get a coffee!

David has more information on his site here. His article also includes a link to an application for Windows that works just like AntiRSI called Workrave.

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