Calls not registering

For a while now my phone (Sony Ericsson K800i) hasn’t been registering calls that I have missed, dialled etc. It was annoying because if I had missed a call I would have no idea who had called!

Anyway, after searching around I finally came across the solution: Menu -> Settings -> New Events -> Pop-up.

Do that and you will be able to see the calls you have made/received/missed in the call list. I have no idea what exactly this feature does but it seems to work so I’m happy again.

9 thoughts on “Calls not registering

  1. Marc Smith

    Life Saver!! This has been doing my head in for weeks. I have missed some vital calls over the past couple weeks!! CHeers

  2. Kirstie

    Thank You SO much for this!!

    I thought there was something wrong with my phone!!

    Thank You!

  3. Danny

    Hi, well i did exactly what you said and now its showing that there was a missed call but when i click on it it tells me that no missed calls…. Really strange.. Before i did what you said it just use to act like nothing happened when there’s a missed call but now its actually showing the missed called sign but with no number.. If you have any idea please let me know.. Thanks a lot.

  4. aileen

    Me too, i did what you said but nothing happened. my calls are still not registering. what’s the problem?

  5. Craig

    Yeah, I am having exactly the same issue. I have tried using pop-up option and activity menu option – but when you go to your list of calls there is nothing registered. the last time it work was on May 7th as that is the last listing of outgoing/incoming/missed calls.

    If anyone finds a solution please post as its really annoying. i have trwled the net and can’t find a solution elsewhere.

  6. Craig

    I had the same problem, Solution from the Knowledge base (it worked for me);

    Workaround for not updated call list (K800, K610, W850, Z610)

    It is recommended that you have installed the latest software version available for his phone by using the Sony Ericsson Update Service available on

    Please delete the whole call list allthough the list seems to be completely empty.

    To do that please follow the steps below:

    1. Open the call list by pressing “Calls”.

    2. Press “More”.

    3. Choose [DELETE ALL].

    4. A warning is displayed that all entries will be deleted. Apply by pressing “Yes”.

    5. Please dial any fake number (eg. “123”), cancel the call and reopen the call list to check whether call is listed.

  7. Terry

    Got my W880i a week ago and this problem happened. I was just about to bring it back to the shop until i read Craig’s “Delete All” post. Worked perfectly. Cheers.

  8. kate

    I was about to lose my mind!
    I have no idea how the actvity menu thingy changed over by itself but by follwing your hints its all back to normal.

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