Why Hotmail sucks

I decided to clean out my Hotmail account as I had accumulated 469 unread emails in it – mostly junk mail; I don’t actually use Hotmail that much now either. It was becoming irritating because every time I logged in to Hotmail using my mobile phone – it has an Internet connection – I had to subtract 469 from the total number of unread messages to figure out if I had any new email. Still, should be easy enough to do, or so I thought. Just ask Hotmail to show me all the unread messages then delete them right? Wrong! Seems you can’t do that and even if there is a way, I don’t want to know about it because I have just spent the last 40 minutes or so going through about 2000 emails looking for ones that were marked as unread; the interface only shows 50 emails at a time so you can imagine what a pain it is plus it kept breaking in Firefox so I had to switch to using IE. Something so simple is so broken that it’s no wonder Microsoft is getting it’s ass kicked by the likes of Google. I’m sure if I complained they would probably just tell me to use Outlook if I want “advanced” features! Ho hum.

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  1. Kzb

    YES IT DOES SUCK, hard. And they won’t fuckng let you out. They actually have the balls to suggest you set up auto fowarding from other providers to them, but they don’t provide any auto forwarding because they can’t make a shitty half penny on you doing that. If you go to their live.msn site, it’s clear that there is nothing there that doesn’t generate revenue, no matter how basic or essential a feature, like a simple SMS text message alert (which costs them nothing)for new hotmail messages, can’t get it, but you can browse their site on your cellphone generating ad revenue for them. Fuck them, share their overpriced software with everyone who’ll take it and if you see them at a job fair or pimping their relabled internet access(they actually have the balls to re sell comcast cable and others, you can go to radio shack and buy whatever broadband is available in your area from MSN), punch them in the face or break their signs.

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