Where do you want to go to today?

Well wherever it is you want to go chances are you aren’t going to get there using Google Maps. I thought I would break my hiatus from blogging with a rant. Over the last couple of months every time I viewed a site with a Google map, it wouldn’t load properly (see below): 

Anyway, I figured that perhaps my ISP was blocking the images or maybe my Internet connection was just slow but it seems it’s happening to other people too; I spoke to some friends and they, too, have had similar problems. I don’t use Google maps that often but it’s annoying when I do use it and they don’t work. Any ideas?

PS: As I write this, for some reason, I am unable to send email from my Gmail account using my desktop mail client. Instead of “Don’t be evil”, how about “Don’t be shit”. Much more appropriate given my recent experiences. 

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