More money, more problems

I have just finished reading this post on the blog of Martin Varsavsky. It’s in Spanish, so to summarize (very briefly) he says in the post he receives a lot of criticism from some readers of his blog because he has a lot of money – as an aside I think it’s worth mentioning that if he would like to give me all of his money I’ll happily take criticism from any of his readers 🙂

I don’t understand certain peoples attitude towards those they perceive as better off than themselves. Well, unfortunately, I think I do understand: jealousy. We all complain from time to time – some more than others – about x, y and z but if things are really that bad what are you going to do about it?

The way I see it, if you are not happy with something, change it! Nobody is going to do it for you. It won’t be easy but then what is? If you think you aren’t being paid enough, work harder and get a different job or go start a company. Why shouldn’t those who take risks be rewarded? After all, things could just as easily go horribly wrong! It’s a cliche but the greater the risk, the greater the reward right? Perhaps if those people who choose to criticize put as much energy into something vaguely enterprising then perhaps they wouldn’t have reason to vent their feelings at other people. Besides, money isn’t everything … unless, of course, you want to buy your own plane.

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