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By now you should be reading this on my new host, assuming the DNS changes have propagated. I finally got around to moving this blog from Joyent – the crap and (relatively) expensive hosting company, formerly known as TextDrive – to GoDaddy. It’s even running the latest version of bloatware for blogging!

I had been meaning to migrate for a while as I had been having problems with uptime, among other things. Ultimately, I had no choice but to migrate as a few weeks ago I tried to login using the password I always use but for some reason it was complaining about an incorrect password blah blah (and no, I wasn’t using the wrong password). Anyway, I reset my password and used the one WordPress had generated for me but that too, for some still-unknown reason, wouldn’t work either. I was locked out of my own blog! What to do. Well, after some careful exporting of some database tables but not others, I now have a working blog again hosted elsewhere for half the cost! Migration was fairly painless, apart from the database munging. Was impressed with Disqus; migrating the comments just worked!

When I first started this site I decided that it was imperative that I have access to all of my data. I could have chosen some free-to-use blogging service but many of these services don’t give you access to your data; well, they certainly didn’t at the time anyway. It’s just as well I did otherwise I could well have ended up permanently locked out of my own site!

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