Invalid Certificate Error with the Fonera 2.0 Downloader

This is a brief note about how to fix an invalid certificate error when using the Fonera Downloader add-on for Firefox.

I installed the latest version of the Fonera Downloader plugin (0.1.5) for Firefox (3.5.6) on my Mac but I kept getting an “invalid certifcate” error whenever I tried to use the downloader, which Firefox helpfully kept reminding me about every 2 minutes even when I did press cancel! This blog post explains how to fix the problem but unfortunately it didn’t work for me – I used the (correct) WAN address for my Fonera as instructed in the blog post but to no avail. What did work was the following:

  1. Open up Firefox and go to https://fonera/
  2. Click on “Add Exception” and follow the rest of the instructions

That’s it! No more annoying pop-up window. And now you can save files directly to your Fonera providing, of course, you remember to insert a USB thumb drive into the Fonera, which I forgot to do but that’s another story …

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