No More Titles

Good afternoon from Starbucks, Madrid.

No more titles from now on for my blog entries. Why? Because I often find that each post consists of a number of unrelated items that can’t be grouped under one heading.

Benjamin Franklin: When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.

Yesterday the public swimming pools in Madrid opened. They are the closest thing you’ll get to a beach in Madrid. I went to one with some friends. Lots of people, but then that could have been due to the fact that on the opening day there is no entry fee. There were a few television crews covering the opening day too. We got asked if we wanted to do an interview but we bottled out by claiming that we couldn’t speak Spanish šŸ™‚

I just Googled myself and this blog is currently 7th in the results list. Woohoo!

1 thought on “No More Titles

  1. Arturo

    Hi Simon,
    Good to see you are using wordpress. It completely rulez.
    I went to an internet cafe in Madrid called Safari or something like that. If you get off at Callao and walk up the Gran Via it is a typical bar which has an internet cafe on the second floor. It should be a lot cheaper than starbucks and more “Spanish”.

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