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There was a software update available for iTunes on the Mac the other day. I’ve just noticed there appears to be a new button in the bottom left hand corner. When you move the mouse over it it says, “Show video full screen”. It’s not enabled and I am pretty sure it wasn’t there before. There doesn’t appear to be anything in the iTunes help that explains what it is for either. I wonder if Apple is planning on selling music videos through iTunes? It would be cool to be able to watch the video that acompanies a song. Currently the only way of doing this is to sit in front of the TV all day hoping that the video you want to watch appears on MTV.

[Update: apparently there are other ways of watching music videos other than sitting in front of your TV all day. Both Yahoo and Microsoft offer services that allow you to download and watch music videos. ]

I installed the Air Traffic Control Dashboard widget the other day. It provides an easy way of discovering wireless access points. It’s pretty neat. Check it out.

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