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Over the last few days I have been playing around with Google Maps. To be more precise, I have been building an online pedometer tool for Wendy Bumgardner over at walking.about.com. Users can draw their walk on the map and the tool tells them how long the route is as well as giving the user the ability to bookmark a walk etc.

There’s a link to the tool from here. If you have any suggestions please add a comment or send me an email.

The script that does all the work is here (after you download it remember to remove the .txt extension). I will be adding to it and improving it during the coming weeks. Feel free to use it for your own purposes.

5 thoughts on “Walk On

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  2. Marie

    Love the Google Pedometer app, but do you know of any scripts for running pedometer/health stats on a website? My sister just bought my whole family pedometers for christmas, and we would like to chart our daily logs, plus be able to compare our logs to one another’s. Flip side — we want this running on our server [we’re far flung between Ohio and Utah], not on a third party site.

    Any ideas? Thanks!!

  3. Simon Post author

    Can you send me a sample of one of your pedometer logs so I can take a look at the format of the data etc? I am working on a new tool for plotting routes etc and this sounds like a cool feature to add.

  4. Philip

    Love it! Actually, my girlfriend loves it. I’m just a computer nerd that sits behind a desk all day long. I /should/ go running with her, but I always find something else to do…

    like help you out for instance!

    1 feature that we both think should REALLY be on here is using an address to get your map center. I’d be happy to help you do it if you need the help. 🙂


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