Occasionally I have more to say than a few sentences but if I write a long post I don’t want all of the text showing up on the front page. What I want is a link that says something along the lines of “Read the rest of this post”. I never could figure out how to do that with WordPress, until today, thanks to a handy tip from Miles.

Add <!- -more- -> at the point where you want to break the text. At this point WordPress will add a URL that links to the full text of the entry. Easy eh? Well not exactly.

It turns out that if you are using Internet Explorer clicking on “Advanced Editing” displays a bunch of buttons, one of which is “more”, which adds the required markup. I, however, use Safari most of the time and for some reason the advanced editing buttons don’t appear. A “more” button! Hardly self-explanatory is it. Something a little more obvious would be nice.

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