Use your head (update)

A few weeks ago I posted something about a jockey headbutting his horse. I also mentioned that there was a video of the incident on the BBC website but I couldn’t find a URL for it.

Anyway, I sent an email to the BBC explaining my dilemma and asked how I could link to a particular piece of video footage. To my surprise I received a response from the BBC this morning. Here’s an extract of the relevant bit:

Unfortunately we are unable to provide direct links to pieces of audio and video on the BBC Sport website. Instead we would suggest you link to our AV Search result page for Paul O’Neill:

So there you go: if you want to link to a piece of audio/video on the BBC website, point your users to the search results page.

Thanks BBC.

And check out the clip: it’s quite amusing; well, I thought so but then I would!

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