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  1. Simon Post author

    Why Hemingway? Good question. Well, for a start I like his stories. I particularly like them because his stories tend to revolve around the places that he was a living at the time so even though his stories are fiction, they are based on real places and, perhaps, real people. In other words, you could really imagine them taking place. “For Whom the Bell Tolls” is a good example: it tells the story of an American involved with an antifacist guerilla group in the mountains during the Spanish Civil War.

    His stories are kind of “exotic”, if that’s the right word. Far away places and all of that. Perhaps they appeal to traveller inside of myself? Basically, I just like reading them.

    Coincidently I have just finished one of Paul Theroux travel epics, “The Pillars of Hercules”, and have started another one of his, “The Old Patagonian Express”. Perhaps it’s a sign that I should go and do more travelling!

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