New Year, old habits

Just a quick update on what’s been happening so far in 2007. So far my aim of writing more on this blog has fallen by the wayside, and January isn’t even over with yet! An auspicious start if ever there was one.

In less than a week I am going to hit 30. A time for reflection I think, at least on the career front. I am beginning to feel the effects of getting older too. I went to a friends 30th birthday on Saturday evening, pulled my usual trick of drinking far too much, and it has basically taken me until this morning (Monday) to fully recover! That never used to happen. Bugger.

On the work front, I’ve been using Alfresco, a document management system, to build a records management system for one of my clients. It’s an interesting system both from a technical point of view – I never thought I would say that about something written in Java – and in terms of the market the company is going after; think an open source version of Documentum.

Anyway, I’m in Starbucks at the moment using up the last few days of the (monthly) Wifi pass that I paid for. I’ve ran out of coffee so time to sign off.

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  1. Ahmed

    Sorry mate, can’t help you with the geeky computer stuff but I’d like to wish you a happy birthday from Canada! And a belated happy new year too!

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