Birthday bonanza

As yesterday was my birthday, last night myself and some friends descended on Guanabara, a Brazilian bar located in the West End, for a couple of drinks (only a couple, honest) and some live music.

I was told by one of staff working the floor a couple of days previously that the live music started around 8pm. She must have meant 8pm in Rio de Janiero because it didn’t actually start until around 10.30pm. Still, when they got going they weren’t too bad. Not too great either but enjoyable enough. Then again, after far too many cocktails, a beer, tequila and some dodgy Brazilian spirit that resembled surgical spirit, anything would sound good! The schizophrenic lead singer was particularly entertaining: one minute he thought he was Jamiroquai; the next, James Brown. He also seemed to have a problem keeping his shirt on.

Then there was the guy in the crowd playing the air saxophone. I’ve seen plenty of people playing air guitars before but never a sax. Novel if nothing else, although rather than resembling a saxophone player he looked more as though he was sucking his thumb while scratching his balls.

Overall it was a really good night and a good way to celebrate a birthday. Highly recommended.

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