The Day I Met Sir Richard Branson

I was reading Richard Branson’s new book this afternoon in a coffee shop – as one does at 3.30pm on a Monday – when I discovered that he was going to be signing copies of his book at Waterstones in Piccadilly Circus from 5.30pm. I hopped on a bus, arrived there just before 5pm and discovered there was already a rather long queue. I took a ticket and got in line; I didn’t tell the staff at Waterstones that I had actually purchased my copy of his book from Amazon! Anyway, after waiting for about an hour I finally got to meet the man himself. Why I always look half asleep in photographs is beyond me!

Turns out my friend John (who is about 6ft 5in) was also in the queue. After taking a photograph of John with Richard Branson, Sir Richard decided that he would even things up a bit by climbing onto the table next to John.  

Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to point and click correctly so I didn’t get the table in the shot but, hopefully, it gives you a good enough idea.

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