Lazy day

Today has been a lazy day. I have had a heavy cold since Sunday so haven’t really been on form the last couple of days. Today was no exception. I woke up just before 9am, which is late for me, had breakfast then spent most of the morning in a coffee shop reading my (freshly signed) book.

In the afternoon I got a couple of quotes from the usual high street banks about opening a merchant account for taking credit card payments online. The transaction costs aren’t too bad, it’s all the “extras” that they throw in. For example, here’s a quote I got from one bank based on the volume of transactions that I gave them:

  • 150 GBP joining fee
  • 25 GBP per month
  • 2.43% per transaction cost with a credit card
  • 23p per transaction with a debit card
  • Additional charge of 2% of total turnover per month

Ouch! I am still waiting for a quote from WorldPay but based on the prices on their website, they appear to be even more expensive. Needless to say after doing a bit more poking around it looks like PayPal has the best rates.

I also listened to this episode of The Gillmor Gang where they interviewed some of the Chrome guys; it’s worth listening too.

Oh, and I also managed to free up 3GB of space on my laptop – this was important as I only had just over 2GB available at the time and I’m not buying a new laptop until Apple release the new versions of their laptops, which, if you believe the rumors, should happen in the next couple of weeks. 

I even went to Whole Foods to buy dinner as I couldn’t be bothered to cook anything! I have a cold so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

Update: I’m listening to the Arsenal game on Radio 5 and a player has just come for Porto called Hulk! Probably best not to make him angry.

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