Incomplete Address

As I mentioned a few weeks ago I ordered a Fonera (developer version) from FON. As of yesterday it still hadn’t arrived so I logged a support ticket asking where it was. Anyway, I got a UPS tracking number so I went to the UPS site to see where my router was. According to UPS the router arrived in the UK on the 4th November but “the receiver’s address is incomplete …” – they claimed to have tried to contact me but they hadn’t. So I called up UPS and got one of those automated responses instructing me to “say each character of your tracking number one after each other.” After several attempts and “that is not a valid tracking number”, I got put through to a real person – by the way, it was a valid tracking number. Why these companies persist with voice recognition systems is beyond me! They don’t work! 

After speaking to the person at UPS it turns out that the address they had been given was something like: Flat B, London. Well I don’t know about you but I’m guessing there must be lots of Flat B’s in London; not really surprising that UPS didn’t know where to deliver it! 

I am a bit disappointed with FON’s order tracking – and the fact that they don’t appear to be able to enter an address properly. There doesn’t appear to be any means of checking on their website what orders etc I have made and the details of those orders. I got a quick response from support to my question, which was good, and was given the UPS number of my order. You would think this information would be made available to me online so I can see what is going on. If I had had this information, e.g. the tracking number, I would have been able to sort out this problem a lot sooner!

Anyway, the good news is that UPS are going to deliver it on Thursday (after I gave them the proper address).

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