Don’t Try This At Home

… or anywhere for that matter! Went out to a Mexican bar on Kings Road on Friday night. On the menu – in the beer section – was something called a michelada. My friend and I asked what it was and were still confused after being told what it was. I decided to play safe and order what I had had before; he decided to try it. Hindsight is a wonderful thing 🙂 It was disgusting!

Turns out a michelada is basically the same as a Bloody Mary but with beer instead of vodka. Highly not recommended! To be fair it’s quite possible the bartender put a bit too much spice in it but it was undrinkable! Generally, I like to try different beers but this is one case when I’m glad I didn’t.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Try This At Home

  1. Leticia

    what do u mean u didn't like it???, I'm sure it isn't the best drink u can order,
    but it isn't that bad come on, I'm sure if u try one that is properly made u will change your mind.. I'm sure.. there is no better thing that being at a nice warm beach with a cold michelada in your hands
    If u ever come down to Mexico, I'll personaly take u to have your best michelada ever

  2. sbuckle

    Deal. Not convinced about the michelada though. Then again, I would imagine anything tastes good sitting on a beach in Mexico!

    I think the barman did screw it up. It was far too spicy, like he had put half a bottle of tabasco in it or something equally unpleasant. I'll stick to beer for time being until you can convince me otherwise 🙂

  3. Leticia

    I hate tabasco it is the worst thing and it ain't mexican hahaha.. well u can give it a try.. don't worry if u ever come down to Mexico we have lots of driks besides micheladas haha
    como va tu español por cierto??? besos

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