Well This Is Fun

So here’s the deal: I’m at home waiting for my router to be delivered by UPS and I’m bored. I can’t leave the house until my package arrives because in the great tradition of all delivery companies, they only deliver during “business hours” and can’t actually tell you when they are going to arrive! Knowing my luck, if I was to leave the house for more than 10 minutes, that’s when they would turn up. Great! So here I am. I called to make sure that it was being delivered today but when told by the (annoying) automated response to “have your tracking number ready” I got cut off; twice. I finally did get through to a real person and was told that it was indeed being delivered today – no, I wasn’t given a time. Plus I have no food in the house so I may just starve waiting for it to arrive. I think I’ll go and make another cup of coffee.

Update at 13.30: I’m still waiting and now I’ve ran out of cheese!

Update at 13.40: How’s that for timing? It has just arrived.

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